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Hi Friends: In the past two weeks we have been shooting and editing the new documentary, "Food Sustainability Through Community Gardening," for The Cambelton Community Association of Campbeltown, British Columbia, Canada. The video is available on our "Examples of Our Work Page." We were approached by the local CNA and contracted…

Coming Soon: The Drama/Suspense/Thriller *Internet TV Series “Please Stand By” Created by Mark Andrew Job

 In the Autumn of 2007 the Internet became fast enough for the delivery of high quality HD video on demand content. It was at this time I decided to conduct an experiment to see if a local community group of mostly un-experienced and untrained actors, as well as some enthusiastic…

Current Trends: Two Fundamental Changes In The Movie Industry

Recent developments in digital imaging for motion pictures have resulted in some fundamental, seed changes, in two areas of approach to film making, which I shall explore in this essay. These changes, being fundamental in nature, affect both how film directors approach their work and what determines the end result. First…