Month: June 2015

Coming Soon: The Drama/Suspense/Thriller *Internet TV Series “Please Stand By” Created by Mark Andrew Job

ep1Poster In the Autumn of 2007 the Internet became fast enough for the delivery of high quality HD video on demand content. It was at this time I decided to conduct an experiment to see if a local community group of mostly un-experienced and untrained actors, as well as some enthusiastic volunteers, could come together and produce a TV Pilot episode for local and international delivery via the world wide web. What followed was the creation of a 22:30 minute Episode One (Half hour of regular television minus the commercial content) entitled, New In The Neighbourhood. This title turned out to be appropriate, since we were the first free HD video on demand 24/7 website in Canada at the time. Episode One was completed and put online November 1st, 2007 and was considered a HUGE success ! All of the local community at large, including all project participants in front and behind the camera, were literally surprised and amazed with the outcome of what was achieved ! For a totally original amateur, even “hobby” level workshop community production, it was clear from the result there was great potential and a future for the series.

In early 2008, it was decided that Please Stand By: Web TV needed to be taken to the next level, and transition from an amateur volunteer community production, to a paid semi-professional based model of production. At this time in Montreal, Quebec, the production began searching for sponsors from local business for support to finance Please Stand By:Web TV as a professional, independent Internet TV Production. Even with the direct initial success of the series ‘ Pilot episode, it was a very hard sell, since not many local brick and mortar establishments were accustomed to sponsoring online multi-media web streaming content. Also, the business model of “animatics,” and “hit counts” equalling *R.O.E. was not commonly understood by business.

Today, in 2015, the unprecedented success of online content creators and TV on demand websites, such as, Youtube and Netflix, is beyond dispute. Once something goes “viral” across the internet, the accessible viewing local and global audiences makes sponsorship financial investment of online video content a very attractive, lucrative R.O.E. Put simply, the higher the hit count the more potential customers are seeing your banner, or 15 second spot ! This business model works equally well for local business trying to make a direct connection with local customers.

*Beginning this Fall, Please Stand By:Web TV , will start up production again as a semi-professional “commercial” Internet TV Production. PSB will have a paid cast and small crew. We are looking for local sponsors here in the Campbelltown – Campbell River Area.

**We need ACTORS, Behind Camera P.A.’S as well. If you’re living in Campbelltown, or Campbell River Area and want to become involved, then Interested people can drop me an email to We invite all interested persons to an introduction open call meeting being held at Rain Coast Creative Performing Arts Studio at #4 – 938 Island HWY in beautiful downtown Campbell River, B.C. on Thursday July 9th, 2015. This is an independent production by ICT Productions & Post in Campbell River.

Come and join our list of local business sponsors and have your banner seen by tens of thousands of local potential future clients !