My Review of 50 Shades of Grey, The Movie

Like many men, Christian can’t express, receive, or participate in anything which even resembles “intimacy.” Before you dismiss the premise of this character out of hand, let us consider the details. I think many men are lonely inside, and they crave intimacy, and are desperate to have it, but are totally lost to ever finding it. Anastasia, is a virgin. Her heart longs to love and share herself with the right man. In many ways Christian is the man of her dreams, but he also is the man of many women’s nightmares ! Many women would loathe to fall in love with someone who is incapable of returning same love and sharing of their inner self with them. This premise is what I suspect was E.L. James driving interest behind writing this story. This movie is a very dark exploration of the inner soul. I must say, I salute actor Jamie Dornan, for his incredible portrayal of a man struggling with the dark extremities of his inner self. Everything about Christian is about quiet desperation and loneliness. Everything about Anastasia, played by Dakota Johnson, is about innocence, purity, tenderness and love. Watching Christian trying to get with his genitals what can only be obtained by the heart represents the tragedy of our modern society.  Alas ! – there is more ! There’s a room. A room where Christian has chosen to live. This room is a place where the real man is trapped ! Why do we hurt those whom we claim to love ? How sad it is, when a man feels he can only find pleasure in causing pain ! Imagine a place totally devoid of love where there can only be pain ? In this place there is no laughter or hope. I think we all know the name given for such a place as this.

50-shades-of-grey-soundtrack-2015-republic-billboard-650Christian is a train wreck of a human being, and like most wrecks, you can’t help but be attracted toward them. You want to look away, but your curiosity gets the better of you, and by your eyes you are drawn in. Where can Anastasia go when love turns to idolatry, and pain is presented as pleasure ? The heart is open for love, and as she falls in love she decides to take a path which doesn’t lead to where she hopes it would. Anastasia finds herself in a room which is all about bondage to a something which is not love  !  rs_600x600-140724060143-600.Fifty-Shades-Of-Grey-Trailer-JR-72414-copy 50-shades-of-grey-_2985756bChristian’s extreme hyper focus on his girl friend, his controlling nature, and the sheer force of his personality, absorbs the identity of Anastasia, and she looses herself in her conflicted feelings. In a last desperate attempt to understand the imprisoned heart of Christian, she asks him to show his true self to her. Only when Anastasia sees Christian as the man he truly is does she realize she cannot go where Christian asks her to follow. Christian is not just interested in putting Anastasia in physical bondage, but emotional bondage as well ! In the end the only feelings Anastasia has left are those connected with self preservation ! Anastasia must escape the clutches of her relationship with Christian to survive ! Good for Anastasia Steel ! The Truth shall set you free !


Posted on: April 23, 2015, by : Mark Job

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