Examples of Our Work

Mark Andrew Job is listed as Movie Editor on the Internet Movie Database

Here are some examples of our work over time. We don’t have all the rights over what we’ve shot to show you here, but this page will grow as we put up more

and more examples of our work. Check back often to see more.

Watch Our Latest Production Produced for The Cambelton Community Association of Cambelton, B.C. Canada on Food Sustainability Through Community Gardening.

This is an example of our web streaming product demo we do for businesses who have a new product they want to present to the market. Release Date: February, 2015

This is an example of a documentary we produced about Montreal’s Homeless Men for The St. James Drop – In Centre. Release Date: November 2010

Here’s some TV Coverage of Mark Job’s Documentary on the Global Television Network in December of 2010. Bernard Racicot was our assistant director

on this production.

This is some behind the scenes shot to give you some idea of how we made this production. We had my co-director Bernard Racicot ask questions, but we only

used the subject’s responses for the documentary.

Behind the Scenes on Mount Royal Shooting Some Elaborate Time – Lapse Sequence for the TV Series Please Stand By. See The Results posted Below.

This is the final result of the visual effects sequence of a Time-lapse we shot for the TV series. It took two days and I caught a nasty cold, but the end result was

what was needed. (*Please note there is no audio for this shot, as it’s an effects plate shot)