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Mark Andrew Job Film Director/Editor/Screen Writer/Lecturor

Mark Andrew Job

Mark Andrew Job is an award winning film maker who originally hails from Montreal. Mark speaks both French & English, but his Mother Tongue is English-Canadian. At 13 years of Age Mark began making home movies with his Father’s 8 mm Nikon movie camera. At 15, a childhood hobby was flourishing and Mark began taking odd jobs on movie sets during the Summer months away from High School. At 19 he won The Award of Merit from the Prestigious Montreal Movie Makers Association Film Club sponsored by The National Film Board of Canada for his film “Away in a Garden: A Fantasy”. After Obtaining a College Degree Formation in Arts as an honour student from C.E.G.E.P.T. John Abbott College in 1984, Mark worked as a video editor and producer for Telecable Videotron 9 in Vaudreuil, Quebec. In 1987, Mark was one of 3 production camera operators on the CTV Weekday Sitcom, “Time of Your Life,” for CTV CFCF -12 and TV producer Harry Jacobs in Montreal. In 1990 Mark began to hone his skills at writing screen plays, while working as a Movie Projectionist during the Evenings 7 days a week at the Rex Theatre in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec. “It was a wonderful developmental and immersive movie story telling experience for me. I would write all day, then go and put on Hollywood movies at night. I paid careful attention to how movies told their stories and I was inspired to practice all I could learn in the creation of my own original screen plays.” Mark ran a small used motion picture film equipment business via mail order, then later, on Ebay when the Internet began to really take off in the early to mid 1990’s. This activity brought Mark into contact with several prominent American film makers who purchased equipment from his company. In 1998, Mark opened and ran Immersive Cinema Technologies, or ICT for short, offering film and television post production and editing services. This company ran until November of 2010. In 2011 Mark took a hiatus from ICT and took a job as a freelance producer for ETM Television Channel 37 in Exeter, Ontario. In 2012, Mark moved to the West Coast and now runs ICT Productions & Post in Campbell River, on Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada, specializing in web streaming digital HD content creation for businesses. TODAY, Mark is moving out into the US Entertainment Industry with ICT Productions & Post USA Inc. Mark is a contributing lecturor for God’s A List, a US based film industry networking talent company. ICT Productions has its eyes on Hollywood, specializing in the creation and sale of original feature film screen plays and uplifting and inspiring TV and Feature Documentaries. “It is my life long goal to tell captivating stories and strive to create beauty, and in the process, become a better communicator through film and digital media.” To learn more about Mark Andrew Job’s work, please check out this highlighted link to a radio podcast Mark gave to Cliff Garner at “American Amnesia,” and “In Like Flint,” radio on The Revolution Radio Network on May 7th, 2017.

Agent / Producer Kathryn De Fries

KATHRYN DE FRIES calls the Great Northwest home. Kathryn’s experience with professional organizations and ministry exceeds 20 years, with an extensive background in Church Leadership, Public Speaking, Prophetic Strategies, Ministry Equipping, and fivefold ministry to ministers and leaders.

Kathryn has 3 years of post secondary College education, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wagner Leadership Institute with a concentration in Leadership Skills and Practical Ministry. Kathryn is the executive producer for ask a modern man in church

The Granddaughter of Japanese Cinema Idol Keichachiro Toudou, Kathryn carries the “cinematic torch” to new generations – setting fire to global transformation within the Arts & Entertainment Industry. Kathryn’s passion to combine her diverse experiences and background to transforming the Body of Christ from convention to influence across contemporary society, blends with her unique understanding of how to create Christian consensus.

Kathryn offers practical tools from the entertainment industry to aspiring faith-based talent development, to help build a “New Hollywood,” where God given and annointed abilities open the door to the artists’ destiny.

Kathryn’s vision is to stablish a non-profit organization in Hollywood, with a mobilization of the next generation using the Portacle philosophy, while mandating the dynamics of The Kingdom. Kathryn is dedicated to passion, integrity, and trust as the essential pathway to transformation, while doing business God’s way.

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